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  out now: LIKE A DAYDREAM LP full-length. please see below for pre-order

  still available:
  REFLECTIONS CS full-length out 11.10.2017 on Lamour Records
  METALLIC SUMMER SEA s/sided CS ep out 02.09.2018 on Scala Tapes

  please visit the llarks discography link for information on past and forthcoming releases

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LIKE A DAYDREAM press release
Like A Daydream is the new full-length by Llarks and follows the 2017 cassette album "Reflections", and the "Metallic Summer Sea" single sided cassette ep. (both will be repressed on vinyl later this year). There is a singular focus and understated sense of joy to this collection of songs (and yes, they are indeed songs). The opening lullaby-like melody of Prismfall eventually gives way to echoing waves of guitar swells. The song hangs around just long enough to immerse you, while also leaving you wanting more. We cue to the next song "Hollows" which sounds like an orchestra playing everything in reverse until the cascades of chords settle into a whining drone that floats and hovers. And so it continues throughout the album. As always, the guitar remains ever present as the melodies roll, drift and undulate like clouds. This new album follows Llarks well received set at the Tonalism stage at Bonnaroo festival which Rolling Stone Magazine called "Best Place To Chill", Bonnaroo 2018: 31 Best Things We Saw.
Like A Daydream is a perfectly titled LP and an invitation into a lovely sound-world. Step in and spin.

Metallic Summer Sea is the new cassette ep by Llarks and the title couldn't be more fitting for this collection of hallucinatory melodies and immersive squall of beautiful noise. And even when the music recedes into a dissonant minimalism, the tension emerges as a mixture of resignation and hope. Get lost and get found all at once on the Metallic Summer Sea! This ep has been pressed as a 30 minute single-sided cassette. please use the blank side for personalization. horizon and sea photo by coen polack, sky colors by ian middleton, image rendering by llarks

REFLECTIONS press release
Llarks new album Reflections features extended use of guitar-orchestrations, micropolyphony, holy minimalism, and ghost-piano. It is a delicate and patient album focusing on gentle transitions of tone colors, unfolding atmospherics, and a quiet sense of nostalgia. Guitar, trumpet and piano by c.jeely


Everything Remains Unsaid is a beautiful analog recording presented on the heralded new format of the "long play cassette single", perfect for ambient and modern classical stereo recordings. Lovingly pressed on metallic gold cassettes and identifiable by kraft paper labels, printed in black ink. The artwork insert is a reflection of the music and is a full color viewscreen static portrait of the artist representing the paradox of form and formlessness in the modern era. reflections, resolution, resurrection.

CLOUDWIRES press release
Cloudwires is an extended play recording from Llarks featuring 3 songs. The title track takes a slow moving guitar drone and tracks its twisting and billowing movement across the first half of the song before collapsing formless into a deconstructed piano loop. Side two begins with Opal, a serpentine melodic drone that rises and falls, reflecting bits of melody that dance light-like throughout, until a quieter passage gives way to a surge of micro-tones. Dense drones weave together until they coalesce into a rising and triumphant melody. Gold(III) closes out the recording with a brief minimal pulse of metallic drones that fade into the ether. artwork is an inverted color process of Spanish moss photographed in New Orleans, Louisiana.


VANGUARD GHOSTS press release
third 7" single 'Vanguard Ghosts' from LLARKS featuring unfolding hypnotic guitar textures and delicate songcraft, balanced here and creating an invitation to listen and soak up the atmosphere and emotion. 'Vanguard Ghosts' drives straight to the heart with a melody that is both tragic and triumphant. The back story (and a true story as well) concerns a haunting from 15 years ago by an Italian soldier who died during World War II and returns to his home in America where his family had immigrated. The b'side Priest is a burial song both metaphorically and literally. Impressions of melody, like the impression of memories of the deceased, are faint, fleeting and nostalgic. The cover art is a polaroid by California native Gillian Cawley. Includes free download with two bonus tracks.

THROUGH THE SUN press release
Second 7" single 'Through the Sun' from LLARKS expands the field of vision to include a fragile and delicate drone scape of gently pulsing guitars, sounding not unlike exactly as the title says, a trip through the sun. the b'side Chrysalis distills a narcotic and swooning ambience into a lo-fi pop lullaby. Pressed by King Records, New Zealand and features a free digital download with two bonus songs. Boutique micro-pressing.

Haunted Sea Forever / Virgins Clique 7" and CD single by Llarks positions itself in an alternate universe to be single of the week. Shimmering and swirling orchestral layers of guitar churn out irresistible melodies that echo through your head and reverberate out into infinity. Adorned in a defiantly economical black and white sleeve featuring the Llarks mascot posed atop a detail of Jackson Pollock's painting, "Number 8" (1949). The vinyl has been lovingly pressed by King Records, New Zealand and features a free digital download with two bonus tracks.

about Llarks:
Christopher Llarks (aka c. jeely) was born April 1976 in Birmingham, AL., and spent his teenage years playing guitar and singing in a handful of local bands. It was in these local bands that Chris began exploring his love of melodies and ambient textures, and discovered inspiration from the fiercely independent spirit of early American Hardcore. Initially his sound was crafted and honed using multiple analog delay pedals, amp volume and 4-track cassette recording techniques. Later on Chris utilized digital sound processing to create an even more abstract sound. It has been the marriage of these two seemingly unrelated sound worlds that has given birth to Chris' underlying philosophy to "always seek the merger of opposing ends of the spectrum, like the yin and yang, or the push and pull of noise and melody." And finally, Chris created Llarks after a time spent writing, and rediscovering his approach to recording and releasing music. This is truly the sound of a man following his heart through sheer perseverance and twenty years of independent artistry.