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Catalog # Artist Title Format notes
LLL035 Tart Live Volume I CS
LLL034 Hands Team A Light Toned Granule CS
LLL033 Spinifex M Revision 4 CS
LLL032 Llarks Everything Remains Unsaid (lp)CS(s)
LLL031 Valencia *V CS
LLL030 Llarks Cloudwires 10"
LLL029 Aberrations Of Light Banuary CS
LLL028 Tart On The Radio CS
LLL027 Gorlen Tape Death 7" / CS
LLL026 Antony Milton The North CS
LLL025 Llarks Vanguard Ghosts 7" / CD
LLL024 Thaniel Ion Lee White June CS
LLL023 The Trust Riots Eight Revolutions; The Complete Sessions 2xCS
LLL022 GreteL Lights 7"
LLL021 Llarks Through the Sun 7" / CD
LLL020 Unfollow All My Rifles 7"
LLL019 (the) Dead Sea Flowers Canary's Tusks CS
LLL018 Llarks Haunted Sea Forever 7" / CD
LLL017 Quislings VI CS
LLL016 Seawalker A Landslide of Stars; Vox Edition LP / CS
LLL015 Seawalker Songshape ep 10"
LLL014 The Northern Rattle Broadcasta LP
LLL012 Seawalker Dove / Radio Alphabet 7"
LLL011 Seawalker 3 Songs 12"
LLL010 The Second Happening -------------- ---
LLL009 (the) Dead Sea Flowers Imperial / Dusk City Revival 12"
LLL007 Seawalker Every Love Unwinds LP / CD
LLL006 The Broken Letters / Seawalker Anthemn / Flower 7"
LLL005 The Happening -------------- ---
LLL004 The Northern Rattle Thousand Sun Broadcast CD
LLL003 The Trust Riots Dead Heaven LP+CS
LLL002 Accelera Deck Songshape b/w Sunclimbing 7"
LLL001 The Northern Rattle Weatherman ep 8"
LLL007t Seawalker Every Love Unwinds t-shirt
LLL003t The Trust Riots Fist/Handshake t-shirt
LLL000t Lathelight SkuLLL t-shirt