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LLARKS - Vanguard Ghosts 7" / CD

01. Vanguard Ghosts
02. Priest
03. Echo Ensemble
04. Thralls

01, and 02 are side A and B of the 7"
03 and 04 are available as a free download with 7" or digital
all 4 songs appear on CD version

third single from LLARKS who, by now, need no introduction. Unfolding hypnotic guitar textures and delicate songcraft is balanced here creating an invitation to listen and soak up the atmosphere and emotion. 'Vanguard Ghosts' drives straight to the heart with a melody that is both tragic and triumphant. The back story (and a true story as well) concerns a haunting from 15 years ago by an Italian soldier who died during World War II and returns to his home in America where his family had immigrated. The b'side Priest is a burial song both metaphorically and literally. Impressions of melody, like the impression of memories of the deceased, are faint, fleeting and nostalgic. The cover art is a polaroid by California native Gillian Cawley. Includes free download with two bonus tracks.