Accelera Deck. A Landslide of Stars (vox edition). CD

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A Landslide of Stars is the first Accelera Deck to be recorded and released as a band rather than the solo project of Chris Jeely (see below for more detailed info). As such the sound has hyper-evolved with no seeming reference point for the new music. But the truth is there are reference points for this new sound scattered throughout the Accelera Deck discography. First things first though, Zach Evans plays drums on the album (later replaced by Brad Davis) and Jeely sings, while playing guitar and creating his usual damaged guitar tones, and caustic melodies via computer. The results are a sandblast of experimental rock, with the emphasis firmly on rock and an underlying shoegaze style metallic ambience. The music is a wall of sound, anchored by a heavy low end guitar, and at times lead by some propulsive drumming. The lyrics reflect Jeely's talent for wordplay and offer up a world of metaphors where sex becomes redemption, black eagles are buried, sunrises become landmines, and some mysterious creature called the wolf-christ puts an end to birth.
a few press blurbs have said the music is "blistering, uncompromising, that there is a strong incendiary and ecstatic dimension, both sonically and lyrically, and that the songs are loud, long and scary and, frankly, it's an impressive feat." Well, no matter what you call it or what you say, Accelera Deck has created a pretty unique sound by combining some really simple elements into a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.
The group set out to tour the East Coast and Midwest in April 2006 to support the album 'A Landslide of Stars' but after only 3 dates the tour imploded and the remaining dates were cancelled.

about Accelera Deck:
Formed sometime mid 1996 as an outlet for the guitar and beat experiments of Chris Jeely. From 1997 till 2005 Jeely released 8 albums, and a handful of ltd edition 7", 12" and CDR's. Since 2003 He has played live up and down the East Coast of the United States. Anyone familiar with the Accelera Deck discography knows that Jeely is unafraid to try new things (witness 'Shadow Land' from 2001, his totally acoustic album) and so it is that after nine years of solo work that Accelera Deck becomes a band...... until....

1. Sexx
2. A Landslide of Stars
3. Q
4. Fire Sermon
5. Embrace
6. 7
7. Wolf-Christ

|: cover by Cataract Press, printed courtesy of Jeffrey Prosser

words by jeely, music by jeely/evans

sexx as noise redeems you
open legs and open mind
let what yields overcome
let what’s weak become strong
let confusion guide the way
accept willingly disgrace
sexx as war defeats us
sexx as power creates lust
let what’s hidden come shine forth
let what’s dead be reborn
sexx as action creates trust
sexx as noise redeems us

a landslide of stars
a landslide of stars, covers me whole
baptized in the fire, praying to be made whole
a landslide of stars, pushing me further
born again an eagle, an eagle of murder
in you I find, no direction or time
limits cannot be set, devils become divine
resistance becomes hopeless, surrender begets power
a landslide of stars, pushing me higher
born an unformed sword, becoming the unlit flame
eyes that shatter wide, casting off the word blame
a landslide of stars, destroying all directions
bury the black eagle, mounting the insurrection
we will rise in quiet grace, losing fear as we lose face
never to be guided by reflections or regret
we will rise in solitude, losing me as I lose you
what we hold to always will die in our hands, die in our hands, die in the end

fire sermon
I will rise over me again
No sunrise built on fault lines waiting like a landmine
Facing faceless demons and the devils that will blind
Wide awake and wide eyed dreaming I am me again
The sun will rise over me again
The suns alive once more I’m burning out to try
Wide awake with sky and future, your hands in mine
No more sleeping cranes or herons waiting to take flight
Wide awake with the sunrise in my mouth
Naming nameless words and aiming aimless routes
No more sleeping cranes or herons waiting to get out
wide awake, wide awake
Our eyes are burning, what we see is burning
Visions are burning, perceptions are burning
Our ears are burning, what we hear is burning
Music is burning, noise is burning
Our throats are burning, what we say is burning
Our mouths are burning, what we taste is burning
Our bodies are burning, what we touch is burning
Our minds are burning, what we think is burning
The day is burning, the night is burning
The tide is burning, the sea is burning
The earth is burning, time is burning
Distance is burning, nothingness is burning
All is burning, everything is burning
One is burning, everywhere is burning
Otherness is burning, thou is burning
Thee is burning, I is burning
Burning with the fire of lust, burning with the fire of hate
Burning with delusion, and burning with the fire of age
Burning with division, burning without love
Burning without faith, burning without trust
Birth is exhausted, the holy life lived
What’s to be done is done, there is no more left to be done

to heal we must harm, to build we must destroy
everything that isn’t real
to soften our bones, we must trust in the unknown
in every way that seems unreal
to live we must die, bury hope with open eyes
and become an unnamed name
to grow we must be small, and deny what we’ve been taught
become the un-carved block again
in this way we become, divided parts that merge to one
becoming emptiness again
to live we must die, bury hope with open eyes
and become an unnamed name

this is an alter call, to deflame the flames
to put down that weapon, to able the cain
to open up our fist, to not resist
to not increase, yet not decease
this is an alter call, to forget ourselves
to crush our fear, and un-cast the spell
to spread our ribs, and shelter pain
to never lose, yet never gain
this is an alter call, to make right the wrong
to forgive the past, and then move on
to unclose our eyes, and collide with light
to not increase, yet not decease
to reconcile the otherness that makes an enemy
to liberate the consciousness that makes an enemy
to eradicate the shallowness that makes an enemy
to emanate the usefulness that makes an enemy
impossible to hate
like the bending of a bow, heaven raises from below
like the darkest star explodes, heaven saves and then destroys
like the perfect square has no, corners to hide the soul
like water we will flow
through the wolf-christ things are never what they seem
through the wolf-christ there are no such things as dreams
through the wolf-christ there is nothing to be born
through the wolf-christ there is never anymore

For sometime now Chris Jeeley has been manipulating guitars and electronic equipment to create swirling ambient textures resembling foggy versions of Fennesz’ “Endless Summer” or the dreamier parts of Spacemen 3’s blissed out rock. This latest offering, “A Landslide of Stars” sees him steering into new directions, operating Accelera Deck as a real band for the very first time, the sound we get is absolutely blazing and intense. A possessed shoegazer squad that drops into life with bong in hand. As a genius, slightly altered, Sleep lyric once said. There are some traces of vintage Accelera Deck on here, the short interlude, “Q” is entirely electronic skronk, twisted fragments of what once where magical drones, destroyed. The album’s centerpiece is a different beast altogether. “Fire Sermon” unfolds gracefully as brass-like drones fill the atmosphere and while the crackling of electronics slowly move forth from the background, guitars and a chugging drumpattern kick in to hi-jack the track and take it to the other side. As most shoegaze, and stoner for that matter, this should be played at a ridiculously high volume, the windows shouldn’t break, they have to blow the fuck out like a jetplane window at 30.000 feet (I just saw this on National Geographic actually, it’s pretty intense). Jeeley’s singing is muffled underneath the guitars, barely audible, as in shoegaze’s best tradition intwined with the music’s dense textures. The titletrack offers raging black metal drums while guitardrones engulf every square centimeter and Jeeley’s vocals seem to drown even further into the track’s tornado-like core. Once you get to the end of this album you know it’s formula inside out: atmospheric intro, guitar, drums and vox kick in, cymbalcrash, fade out, the end. This could be ultimately exhausting and insipid if the songs actually sucked. Which they don’t, quite the opposite, “A Landslide of Stars” is a remarkably tight album for someone used to flying solo and I’m curious if they’re able to maintain this fairly high level of sonic bludgeoning for another round.
- Joris Heemskerk, Foxy Digitalis

For 9 years Chris Jeely has recorded solo work under the name Accelera Deck, which has resulted in 8 full-length albums all varying style. Keeping in tradition with his continual experimentation, Jeely has turned Accelera Deck into an actual band here in 2006. The latest record A Landslide of Stars is the product of this venture and once again shows Jeely’s prowess to do good work no matter what category the music may fall under. Although this is practically a new deal for Accelera Deck, there are moments that dive back into the projects past discography of dreamlike electronica. However, now playing as a full band, those moments are almost completely concealed by loads of dirty sounding distortion and Jeely’s similarly inaudible vocals. The albums finest songs are it’s longest in my opinion. Both “Fire Sermon” and “Wolf-Christ”, both show Jeely really excelling in his craft. I say this because they don’t feel like songs that stretch out past 8 minutes or so. No, these are the type of songs that propel themselves with the type of melodies and atmospherics that fans of shoegaze long for and wish would just go on forever. Really, Jeely and the rest of Accelera Deck have outdone themselves with this album and it just may be one of the best shoegaze related rock albums to come out this year.
Jonathan Harnish, Built on a Weak Spot

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