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Catalog # Artist Title Format Released
061SCL Accelera Deck A Landslide of Stars CD 03.2006
(SLR49) The Trust Riots Dead Heaven 3"CDR 10.2005
(SLR48) Accelera Deck Live Volume III CDR 11.2005
(SLR47) Accelera Deck Live Volume II CDR 11.2005
(SLR46) Accelera Deck Live Volume I CDR 11.2005
(SLR44) Rameses III/The Trust Riots Ashes / Freightliner 8" 04.2006
(LLL43) Skulllike Eggs On Equators CD 10.2005
(SLR41) Plains Into Tone CD 09.2005
(SLR40) Merzbow Rattus rattus CD 03.2005
(SLR39) Accelera Deck Pop Polling CD 03.2005
(SKI39) Accelera Deck Ski 3"CDR 01.2005
(SLR38) Violet The Sun is Shining & the Flowers are Blooming on Violet Street 3"CD 04.2005
(SLR36) Your Favorite Horse Cavalo Blues 3"CDR 01.2005
(SLR34) Freiband {flying} 3"CD 02.2005
(SLR33) Accelera Deck Sunstrings ep CD 03.2004
(SLR32) EBSK Space: 2003 / Deep Red 3"CDR 11.2005
(SLR31) Lim Embracing Hush 3"CDR 12.2004
(SLR30) Shark, Shark, Shark Ride The Rainbow 3"CDR 10.2004
(SLR29) MHFS Ti Point Wharf 3"CDR 02.2005
(SLR27) Psychon Apocalypse has been Dubbed the Weekend Pill CD 11.2004
(SLR26) Later Days Songs of the Watchmaker CD 12.2004
(SLR25) Bridle Wire Damper String 3"CDR 11.2004
(SLR24) Various 2003: mp3, cdr archive CDRom 09.2004
(SLR23) The Trust Riots White Metallic 3"CDR 07.2004
(SLR22) Chuck Bettis Sonic Sigils 3"CD 11.2004
(SLR21) Birchville Cat Motel With Maples Ablaze CD 03.2004
(SLR20) Spraggadat & Pirre Ending 3"CDR 11.2003
(SLR19) Evol Punani Shell CD 01.2004
(SLR18) Living Ornaments Klonten 3"CDR 11.2003
(SLR17) Your Favorite Horse Summerland ep 3"CDR 07.2004
(SLR16) Mikroknytes Live @ Sonic Circuits 2003 3"CDR 11.2003
(SLR15) EBSK Secret Highways 3"CDR 11.2003
(SLR14) Omnid That Was Now This Is Then mp3 10.2003
(SLR13) Vrm Fell 3"CDR 07.2003
(SLR12) Accelera Deck Lullexo mp3 04.2003
(SLR11) Accelera Deck Lulluxa 3"CDR 03.2003
(SCA11) sc.all Live @ Silk City in Philadelphia, PA CDR 02.2004
(SLR10) Accelera Deck Shadow Land CD 05.2001
(SLR09) Kugel Self Label mp3 05.2003
(SLR08) Spraggadat & Pirre Elsewhere & Otherwise mp3 05.2003
(SLR07) Slinger (16:41:26) mp3 05.2003
(SLR06) Anderegg 90,000 mp3 08.2003
(SLR05) Slur v1 html 06.2003
(SLR04) Accelera Deck Ipsissima Vox CD 09.2003
(SLR03) Slinger f is for flame-thrower CDR 07.2003
(SLR02) Hearse Dead On Audio 3"CDR 07.2003