Hearse. Dead On Audio 3"CDR (OUT OF PRINT)

A no-fi, destroyed bliss masterpiece, created June and July 2001 in preparation for a radio appearance on KLSU radio (Baton Rouge, LA)
Edited June 2003. 2 tracks, 20 minutes of dead on audio.

How it works;
Two prepared cdr's played together on different stereos and captured with $10 microphones. We like to call it beauty on a budget, perhaps you will agree?

While the material presented here is hectic and disorienting, there is a sublime beauty lurking beneath the random configurations. The immediacy of the sounds, and the feeling of standing in the room as the music unfolds, lends a depth to this collection of a sonorous soundscapes.

01. Dead On Audio
02. Dead On Audio

|: cover by Cataract Press


Two tracks, one nineteen minutes long, the other one minute long. By the forbidding cover, soldiers dead in a road, you'd think we were going to get Merzbow'ed, but absolutely not. Theres some strange subtlety here, with lo-fi recording of object manipulation, sound-in-a-room style environmental, backed by pungent wafts of creepy textures, very quiet, very deep. Like Steve Roden, L.Chasse or Eric La Casa. Within the twenty minute piece, the scenes change often though not too abruptly. Theres some sort of strange process and progression here. The ending piece is a gentle, monochromatic ambient send-off from this fascinating feast. Real mind-altering stuff.
Manifold catalog

Scarcelight is a label run by Chris Jeely, also known as Accelera Deck, and there are more 3" and regular size (or is it the other way around?) CDs and CDRs released by this label recently. One of them is the 3"EP from Hearse: 20 minutes in 2 tracks, of which the first is much longer, 19 minutes. The music is explained by the label as "a no-fi destroyed bliss masterpiece". This is new to me, no-fi, I like this term. I haven't been exposed to no-fi music much, at least not consciously. I'd call this music no-fi ambience, it is there, surrounding you, in a no-wave atmospheric way, you're safe but still don't know what to expect, so better listen carefully. This is a nice release.
Boban Ristevski. Vital Weekly 413.