Slinger. f is for flame-thrower CDR (out of print)

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Collects a live recording from the Eyedrum, Atlanta, Ga, the (16:41:26) mp3 + brand new studio creations.

The live track presented here begins with a shuddering trap of a snare, and microphone feedback; over the course of 20 minutes a ragged deconstruction of rhythm ensues. The quietness of the venue, the occasional rustling of a chair or someone clearing their throat all become part of the material. A breathing, moving formless mass that hangs heavy in the air. All the sounds on this disc were created by drummer Brad Davis (also a member of the "rock & yell" trio Plate Six) improvising on a small 3 piece drum kit, an assortment of cracked cymbals, & even a helium tank! The drum kit was mic-ed and the signal fed to Chris Jeely's (aka Accelera Deck) computer where it was manipulated and rebroadcast over the PA. The new songs and the (16:41:26) tracks build hypnotically on subtle textures, others roar ahead with ferocity.

Slinger has unknowingly invented the genre of drum and damage.

01. Untitled
02. Live @ The Eyedrum
03. Untitled
04. Untitled
05. Untitled
06. Untitled
07. Untitled
08. Untitled
09. 05:39:42 *
10. 04:25:41 *
11. 04:38:72 *
12. 01:57:21 *

* originally released as the (16:41:26) mp3