Accelera Deck. Lulluxa 3"CDR (out of print)

digital reissue edition available as a bonus track on Ipsissima Vox from LATHELIGHT LTD

Mail order/tour release featuring 20 minutes of impossible clicks, drones, and brick in the mouth guitar ambience.

01. Lulluxa

|: cover by Cataract Press


Freakish addendum to the full-length disc, (Ipsissima Vox) this bit of Accelera Deck has brash rearrangement of rumbings and guitar intonations. One single twenty-plus minute work spans several moods and levels, nearing harsh at times but always evolving into difficult lo-fi non-melody and disharmoniuous plinking, like tiny ghosts rolling coins around a hardwood floor. Its that strange. Overall, theres a surreal, acoustic-ambient feel, a gentle weirdness meandering in from all sides. Lots of imagination in these pieces.
Manifold catalog

A legitimate, fully-realized work: twenty minutes of fuzzy, winding, cliking experiments. There's nothing remotely repetitive here just a lot of weird, Raymond Scott-like noodles that seem created for the hell of it. What's more, it's fun to listen to, if only because the artist seems hell bent on keeping the assorted sounds interesting. There's not a single wasted, throwaway sound here. And while this random batch of weirdness doesn't really amount to anything in the end, that's okay, since the music here isn't supposed to amount to anything. This one is recommended, and it gets me excited for Jeely's next full length.
Michael Heumann. Stylus Magazine