Vrm. Fell 3"CDR (out of print)

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A story so bizarre it cannot be fiction, audio so disturbing in its unreality, one can't help but this for real?
Yes. Painfully real.

+ 24 untitled tracks


You have to go to the label's website and click the links for this one to really appreciate it. They take this horribly misguided 80's metal and corrode, distort, dissect and reassemble it into an ironic sound experiment. The outtakes are left in, the talking between the takes is present more than music, the hum of amplifiers is stretched out for minutes, when there is Metal, its cut up, punctured by intentional glitches, mishandled in the most surgical way. What is left of it? Some dim intuition about the inconsequence of all this sound arrangement, a frozen tableau of ambient notes drawn from the harsh speed of Peavey Amps and a bad case of pimples circa 1985. A real exploration that borders on making fun but isn't really moving in that attitude, its something else I haven't figured out and that bodes well for this piece of minimal, often ambient experiment.
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