Mikroknytes. Live @ Sonic Circuits 2003. 3"CDR

Stunning, disorienting, and beautiful improvisation remix of the Crank Automotive album live_src
Keywords: barbed-wire, violin, idea manufacturing

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01. Live @ Sonic Circuits 2003

|: cover by Derek Morton and Cataract Press


Somewhere in this piece, at about the third-way mark, the sound has ascended up into this vast, beautiful sky-space, increasing in emotion and color, a rising sorrow made real with a distant violin, some plucked strings, a steady, rich drone placed beneath it all. How understated I think to myself then; the cover, the artwork, the titling. When i hear this, when I sit through its changes and development into a newer creaure each few minutes I reach for the sleeve and find little to further my immersion in whats happening. Micronytes know just when to begin to change the piece, just when to through the old pictures out and paint the walls new. Turbulent, emotional lo-fi ambient. Simply excellent.
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