Spraggadat & Pirre. Ending. 3"CDR (out of print)

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Tense and nervous soundscapes from the mysteriously named group responsible for the online release Elsewhere and Otherwise. A new EP of heavy digital drones that unfold slowly and then flicker out. Listen loudly at night.

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV

|: cover by Cataract Press


A dim coastline on the artwork, strange shapes is all you see. The material is just as obscure, with the first track the only noisy one, hitting the highs like Merzbow but suddenly dropping off and giving way to strange ambient, tonal-note pattern experiments, withering somnambulism. The last piece is active, electric crackles and fits like small, crumpling bits of paper, a whispering microscape of minimal sound. Total experiments. Here is material with a more clinical approach, no fleshly heart, only mechanicals and drones. Confusion, restlessness and fear.
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