Various. 2003: mp3, cdr archive. data CDR

A unique collection of over 4 hours of music on one simple format. Collects every mp3 and cdr released on Scarcelight during 2003.

This is not an audio CD, rather it features all the releases listed below encoded as 192 kbit/s mp3's + one exclusive .wav file by FF Mason

60 songs in all!

Features the following;
SLR20 Spraggadat & Pirre. Ending
SLR18 Living Ornaments. Klonten ep
SLR16 Mikroknytes. Live @ Sonic Circuits, 2003
SLR15 EBSK. Secret Highways / Wobbly
SLR14 Omnid. That Was Now This Is Then
SLR13 Vrm. Fell
SLR12 Accelera Deck. Lullexo
SLR11 Accelera Deck. Lulluxa
SLR09 Kugel. Self Label
SLR08 Spraggadat & Pirre. Elsewhere & Otherwise ep
SLR07 Slinger. (16:41:26)
SLR06 Anderegg. 90,000
SLR02 Hearse. Dead On Audio
+++++ FF Mason. Slip (exclusive .wav file)