Lim. Embracing Hush. 3"CDR (out of print)

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Lim (aka Darren Milos) is a young musician from Conneticut who, in his own words, created the songs on Embracing Hush using a "15sec. flute sample from this New Haven, CT. kind of prog/psych band, that my mom's friend gave me an LP of." That's ok by us because the results are a gorgeous set of glassy loops (stretching out to infinity) and dubbed out strains of static. A fine debut indeed.

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01. Hushpointspirits
02. Hushpointsignals
03. Hushpointshelter
04. Hushpointsunbath

|: cover by Darren Milos/Cataract Press


This 3" CD(r) features four tracks; each variants on the same title. Sustained dreamy ambient drones and muffled whispery textures, everything is indeed "hushed", valium numb and distanced. Active atomic squiggling under skies clotted with angels. Harmonies intone in elongated endings and beginnings on an endless loop. The view overlooking the valley on a smoggy day in the suburbs of Heaven. Quite lovely really, almost soundlessly walking through the snow.
George Parsons. Dream Magazine #5

Four tracks of flowing dark ambient sounds apparently created using a 15-second sample of flute from some obscure progressive rock band. You'd never really guess such though, as the compositions herein, while similar in tone and approach, do stand on their own ground – coming off as more involved than the aforementioned statement might suggest. "Hushpointspirits" is a laidback piece with lots of subtly melodic drones creating a lush atmosphere, at times sounding like very faint whispering is in place (though that's probably not the case in reality) – perhaps my favorite selection overall. "Hushpointsignals" starts with a stuttered loop before shuffling back to some slowly vibrating melodies and wisps of midrange over distant crackles of chaotic electronic glitches, softening up to a more simplistic and quiet level towards its final moments. "Hushpointshelter" starts out sounding quite similar to its predecessor, but ends up being a bit more consistently minimal and flowingly melodic for its six-minute duration. "Hushpointsunbath" closes on a slightly different note with broken up and percussive reverberations layered together to form a simple, but almost musical structure in some ways. Very nice. The CD-R comes in a small plastic sleeve with xeroxed artwork that contains the track titles and some great looking abstract images that look like some sort of outdoor environment or something. Simple, but it works. This is a very nice release. One of those that is honestly a bit too good to be relegated to a low-key D.I.Y. type of CD-R release that is more than likely limited in availability. I'd be curious to know if literally all of this material was created by manipulating the same 15-second sample or if other sounds were introduced, but regardless the end result is a satisfying listen. Nicely done.
Aversionline December 30, 2004

Apparently Conneticut-based Lim (Darren Milos) generated Embracing Hush from a fifteen-second flute sample lifted from a psychedelic-prog group's album, though you'd hardly know it from the twenty minutes of ambient excursions comprising this 3-inch disc. While there's nary a flute to be heard on these samplings from Lim's sonic garden, spirits do rouse from slumber to the accompaniment of dubby smears, vaporous loops, cloudy textures, and crackling drones. Of the four pieces, “Hushpointsignals,” with its alien radio glissandi and clicking surges, is especially memorable.
January 2005, Ron Schepper.